The Tweetdeck Dream

Had a dream last night where I was in school. The first task we had to do was to install Tweetdeck on our computers. I already had it installed – I even had an app for it – so I just sat back and relaxed. When the teacher came round, I showed him that I’d installed it and he was impressed. He was a bit of an idiot and thought I’d got it wrong because I had multiple Twitter accounts on it. So he tried to do something to change it and ended up copying everything from my laptop into a library on Tweetdeck, so then I had to spend the rest of the lesson deleting everything off it.

During the second lesson, the teacher – who was a female this time – made three little balls of plasticine and stuck them to the door. We had to guess which one of them used to be in the shape of a rose and I was picked to go first. I was pretty confident cos I could see where the plasticine has previously been folded. I didn’t find out if I was right though cos my alarm went off and I had to get up for work.

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