Together We’ll Be Okay

I was in a smallish hall with lots of people sat on rows of seats. They were putting on a little show and getting people from the audience to do routines. My colleague, Jacob, got up and did something. I can’t remember if it was a song or a dramatic reading, but it was pretty good.

They then asked me to get up, but I didn’t have anything prepared, so I said let a couple of people go on and then I’d go on if there was time. Since comedian Bobby Ball was there, I decided I’d sing Together We’ll Be Okay and announce “Bobito Ballo” up and get Bobby on stage to join in. I couldn’t remember all the lyrics, so I had to look them up, but whatever I typed they didn’t come up in the search results. While I was looking them up, I remembered Bobby Ball has died in real life, so I got a bit upset.

I woke up before I did anything else.

Hitting Dave’s fist