Unwin’s Orange

On the shelf it sat for days, just being an orange. Not a care in the world and no feelings of sorrow or joy. So there it sat, in between the apple and the melon. Until one day, a man called Unwin entered the shop with a clear craving for a particular citrus fruit. As the hand of Unwin slowly hovered between the fruits, the mind of Unwin was debating with itself over which fruit to choose. “Pick me!” thought the Orange loudly.

After several seconds of deliberation, the hand took hold of the orange and transferred it into a small plastic bag and into a basket shaped basket. After a further few minutes, the orange was lifted – in it’s bag – onto a conveyor belt and over a machine which went *beep* very loudly. “Weee! Oh this is fun.” thought the orange, as it was placed into a larger plastic bag, which was then picked up by the man known as Unwin.

Later still, and the orange was taken out of both bags and thrown at the head of a large man who subsequently threw the orange back at Unwin with considerable force. “Hey, what’s the deal with throwing me around? I’m for eating not for beating.” thought the orange.

During a brief stroll through the park on the way home, Unwin felt tired and a bit peckish. So he sat down on the bench and searched in his bag for something to tide him over until lunch. He happened upon an orange which he promptly removed from the bag. The orange realised what was happening and was overcome with a sense of worry. His time was up. He begged the man silently not to eat him. “Please, I’ve only been out for a half hour, let me have some more time. I’m too young to die, I have a good week left in me. You can strip me later and use my peel as zest in a cake. Oh please, I’m shaking in my segments here. Just one more hour. Throw me again, that was fun. Look, there’s a duck over there, throw me at that. It’ll be ever so much…” And that was all he could think before he was stripped, split and consumed by the mouth of Unwin.

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