Urinary Inception

Had a couple of dreams last night. The first was perhaps the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but it requires some backstory.

For the past few nights, our dog, Zeta, has been getting up during the night wanting to go outside. However, when mother takes her out, she just stands there and doesn’t do anything. When she comes back in, she then won’t go upstairs and just stands there whining. So last night, mother said she wasn’t going to get up when Zeta whined and just leave her to see what she would do. About 2am, Zeta got up and ran downstairs. Mother left her there. However, I was woken up by this and really needed a wee, but I didn’t want to go down in case mother moaned about engaging with the dog. I somehow managed to get back to sleep, which is when dream 1 occurred.

The premise of the dream was that I needed a wee but didn’t want to go downstairs. After a while I decided I’d brave it and go down, but when I got downstairs, I realised that I was dreaming (I was dreaming in the dream), so I managed to wake myself up (in the dream) and try again. However, every time I got downstairs, I realised I was dreaming. At one point, mother’s friend, Sally, was downstairs. I told her my problem and said that I knew I was dreaming at that point and could she pinch me so I’d wake. She did and I awoke (in the dream) and went downstairs again… to find I was still dreaming. After several more attempts, I decided to abandon that plan and try to wake my real self up instead. So for the next few minutes I was just hitting myself and shouting at myself to wake up. Eventually I did wake up in real life.

It was, at this point, 4am. I went downstairs and had a wee. Since the dog was downstairs, I gave in and let her out the back. She had a wee and a poo, so I was pleased that I hadn’t made her hold it in any longer. Then I went back to bed for dream number 2.

The second dream started off in my office at work. It looked nothing like my office at work, but that’s what I knew it to be. I was with an old school friend, Dennis, and we were playing a driving game. The game was one of those that you could play with friends remotely, so there were about 6 of us playing. In the game, you had to run all through a building, steal a car and drive it round the city to the finish point. Dennis had a couple of goes and did okay, then he passed it to me. I did terribly. My character kept falling over, I kept crashing the car… I didn’t do well at all, but I had a few goes and eventually did alright.

After the game, the rest of our colleagues arrived. There were about 10 of them. I sat next to Dennis still. I had brought in some cakes that I’d gotten my grandad (which I had in real life) but there was also another box – ‘Rich chocolate sponge with that browny stuff in the middle’ – which nobody claimed, so I had those as well. Today I was teaching Dennis something to do with abbreviations – he had to abbreviate certain words and then do something with them. There were a couple of settings he had to check every time, two of which were close together, so I pointed to them with my index finger and little finger (like a rockstar hand gesture). Later on he was doing the same thing with his fingers to remember where they were and was quite excited to show me he’d used my technique.

After a while I went over to the ‘main desk’ where a few of the senior staff were sitting. Not sure why I wasn’t there when I’m the senior designer in real life but still. There was one rather nice girl there who I spoke to, she seemed nice. Then Mak came in and showed me his plans for a new website called Wu which taught people about colour theory. I was dubious about the site and thought we didn’t need any new sites because of the amount we already have. I did like the name though, mainly because of the George Formby song (Oh mister Wu, what can I do, I’m feeling kind of limehouse Chinese laundry blues). His idea was to ‘satirise’ the Woo Themes website, which didn’t really make sense. I told him the idea was alright and went back to work.

That was the end of the dream.

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