Variations on a kids TV theme

I love children’s TV. I watched a lot of cartoons and shows when I was young and now I’ve started watching cartoons with my nephew, I’ve found myself revisiting some classics.

A lot of the nostalgia for me lies in the theme tunes. The songs that we heard every Saturday morning that got stuck in our head and bring back joyful memories as adults.

I had an idea to do an album of cover versions of some children’s TV themes, trying them in different styles and updating some for the modern era. One of the songs that I picked was Round The Twist. I learnt the chords and started playing it, but realised that it was quite a repetitive song, so I tried to find a song with similar chords that I could do a bit of a mash-up with to make it more interesting.

After a bit of research, I discovered that there’s quite a few children’s TV themes with very similar chords, so I put together this little medley.

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