Week 3 – Animal themed aquatic vehicle

This week's challenge was set and judged by Mike. After initially suggesting "a submersible aquatic vehicle that can be used as a boat/submarine and is also a living creature (like a whale or a shark etc.) and can carry a town on its back", we scaled the challenge down to "an animal themed aquatic vehicle".

Once again, we both had a similar idea and created our own turtle vehicles. Here were our entries:

Suzanne's "Aquaturtle"

The very clever submarine that disguises itself as a turtle

Ben's "Shell Sub"

The submarine that is disguised as a giant turtle. The ‘legs’ swivel to help it paddle along and the wheels on the bottom mean it can drive on land or on the sea bed. The shell opens up to reveal the cockpit inside.

Mike's verdict

I like the thought that went into yours Ben, but Suzanne's is closer to what I was imagining when the challenge was issued so I'm going to award this one to Suzanne, congratulations.

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