Zarni and Dr Padoma

I was at home and getting ready to go back to school for the final year. I’d had no letter or anything to prepare me, just the date we were going back.

When I got to school, the bell rang and I didn’t know what form class I was in. I tried to find my friends to ask or people who were previously in my form class but couldn’t see them.

Eventually I found a board with a list of teacher names on and who was in their form class. I was under Dr Padoma.

I had a look round and there were names on the door of each class. I couldn’t see Dr Padoma anywhere. I went on all 3 floors and couldn’t find her class.

On the second floor was the library and music rooms. Inside the one room someone was playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano.

I went on the school website on my phone to try and find some information. I found a welcome pack and downloaded it. There was no information about form classes on there, but there was a list of writing tasks that I was supposed to have done over the summer. It was things like “Most secret organisations have a song that they sing when they meet up. If you were in a secret organisation, what would the lyrics to your song be?”

I hadn’t done any of it and hoped that nobody else had done it either.

I went to the third floor where all the science rooms were, figuring Dr Padoma would likely be a science teacher. She wasn’t listed on any of the rooms. I bumped into another teacher and followed him. He went into a room where they’d built a new staircase leading up to a new open plan seating area that was next to a big pool that was also new.

As we walked along the bridge to get to the pool, I started crawling because I was scared of heights. The teacher told me not to as it wasn’t as safe. He’d apparently done the same before.

We then heard some noise down by the pool and saw a kid was trapped under a pile of chairs. We went and helped him out and I asked the teacher if he knew where Dr Padoma was. He said “Ah, Dr Padoma, he’s probably out in his cabin in the courtyard.”

So I found out Dr Padoma was a man and his classroom was outside – hence why I couldn’t find it.

I ran out to find the class, forgetting to put my shoes back on. I figured I’d tell Dr Padoma I’d lost them whilst helping the trapped kid and make out that was where I’d been. The other teacher would hopefully back me up.

I woke up before I got to the class.

There was also another part to the dream where I was with the Legends of Tomorrow (a team of superheroes). I was updating my camera – which had a folder for each member – renaming a folder for someone who had left with the newest member, Zari. Two of the other members were trying to convince me that it was spelled Zarni, but I knew it wasn’t.

We were chasing a young ginger woman who had been attacked by an evil monster and infected with something. Thinking she was dying, she was going round having unprotected sex with random guys to enjoy her final moments. She wasn’t dying and her infection was easily cured. John Constantine finally found her midway through sex with a guy in a public toilet. He made them stop and brought her back to the spaceship to cure.

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