Thoughts on… Timothy Spall

For a long time now I’ve been writing up my dreams on this blog. However, there is one dream that I have neglected to mention. Usually when I have a dream, as soon as I wake up I make notes so that I don’t forget it. For the dream in question, I didn’t make any notes – mainly because I was too busy sh*tting myself – but I can still remember most of it vividly.

During the dream, I was working in a television studio with Mike. On that particular day, we were filming an episode of a series starring Timothy Spall. You might know him from Harry Potter, The King’s Speech or another of his many fine films. At one point, filming had to stop because Spall was having chest pains. Mike and I rushed over to help him and he told us that he needed an inhaler.

I rushed to his dressing room and brought him his inhaler. He used it and took some tablets and it settled his condition. He was still unwell though, so he apologised and said that he need to go home and rest. I volunteered to help him home, so I drove him to his house and helped him inside and upstairs to his bedroom. He thanked me for all my efforts and said I could leave.

However, as I was leaving his bedroom, he quickly came up behind me and stabbed me in the back with a knife. He then pushed me down the stairs and I lay at the bottom unconscious in a pool of my own blood. As he came downstairs, any evidence of his earlier illness was now gone. He picked me up with a smirk and carried me into his basement, leaving me there with a couple of other bodies. He returned to his bedroom.

Meanwhile, back at the studio, Mike was concerned about my whereabouts, but a woman told him that Timothy Spall had called to thank Mike for his help and to let them know that Ben had gone home for the day, so Mike carried on with filming while I lay dead in Timothy Spall’s basement.

That was the dream I had, and it’s because of that dream that I’m terrified of Timothy Spall. I know it’s only a dream and the man’s not a murderer, but whenever I see him on television or film, I remember that dream and the look in his eye as he carried me to his basement and it scares the hell out of me. I genuinely cannot watch anything with him in¬†anymore without getting scared.

I’m sure he’s a nice guy in real life and I’d like to one day meet him and tell him about the dream, maybe to get some sort of reassurance that he’s not a psychotic murderer. However, I do worry that if I ever do meet him, he might kill me… again.

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