I like writing funny songs and one day I think I might actually be quite good at it.

Vote Gary!

In January 2014, Mike and I saw a leaflet about a local Conservative campaigner, Gary Sambrook. We half-jokingly decided to support him and I wrote a little song which we sent to Gary. Within days, we were in the Daily Mail, on BBC Radio WM and even featured in BBC1's Sunday Morning Politics. The song won Gary the election - which he'd been trying to win for 4 years - and got us a lot of attention. It was a crazy few weeks.


The song was featured on Andrian Goldberg's BBC WM radio show. It was at this point I wished I'd put more effort into recording it. Have a listen to my song being played and talked about on the radio:

Spoken Word Instrumentals

I collaborated with my good friend Mike to create an album of 'spoken word instrumentals'. I composed the music, he wrote the words.