Blind Blackbird

In the first part of the dream I was at home and getting ready for karate. There was a new guy training and I’d invited him to ours before class for a cuppa. He came round and had a drink and a chat. Sensei Len also turned up to give us a lift and I showed him the DBS certificate I’d received (which I have in real life).

In another part of the dream, I was working with the DIY SOS team on a living room renovation. They installed some windows that were very high up. I couldn’t even reach them jumping to open them, so it seemed a bit inconvenient. The guy who lived there was staying just down the road, so we drove down to surprise him. I’d been filming, but only on my phone, which was attached to a tripod. I wanted to appear more professional, so I got my camera out of the boot. I looked through some of the photos to check it was mine, and the photos were all of biscuits. We got there and told the guy and he came round and shook our hands.

There was also another part of the dream where I was in a shop with a few other people and we’d helped out there somehow. A guy came and shook my hand to thank me, and then started feeling my face. I was shocked, but then realised he was blind. He liked my glasses and beard and said I had an unusual texture.

We played some games together with random books and toys we picked up off the shelves. One of the guys also tried to trick the blind guy by moving around quietly.

There was also a blind girl there too. I saw her by some instruments, so I picked up a guitar and played Blackbird by the Beatles. It sounded pretty good and thought she’d like it. But she said “The guitar is clearly out of tune and even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t know what song that was.” I checked and the guitar was indeed out of tune, so I tried to tune it back up.

There was also another part where a criminal, played by Hugh Boneville, managed to trick the guards and escape prison by just walking out and showing some papers to the guards. He met up with his wife and drove home.