24 Hours to Dream

Had a fun dream. Mike and I, and the rest of the school, went to see a play at an old Shakespeare-type theatre. It was bad, we were upstairs towards the back, and we were actually facing away from the stage, so we were staring at a wall the whole time. At the end we joined in clapping, and I said to Mike “I’m clapping a wall!” and he laughed.

During the interval, I went to the loo. But it was this executive chair with loads of buttons, so you could go up and down and back and forward and play music… It was brilliant. Mike was there too and we both loved the idea of doing a poo in the air. When I came back down, there was a really nice piano in front of me, so I started playing it. I looked up and I was in a room full of pianos and people playing them, one of them being Ringo. I asked if he’d like to lead us in a song and he said yes and so I played Yellow Submarine and we all sang along.

After the play had finished, they asked us if we’d like to be thespians. We said yes and they said in order to do so we must do something like the Dave show ’24 Hours to Go Broke’. So we did. My first challenge was weird, I had to go around scanning a coupon all around the theatre. Then we went outside and everybody had been paired up to do it, but I was on my own, so I moaned about that. Then Danny Campbell and I decided to start a pretend fight, that was fun, until two other kids decided to have a real fight. I asked Mike why the policemen in the police car were just ignoring the fights. Then there was a dead giant sheep and the fighting kids put explosives in it and sewed it up.