A Goodwin and a game

Had a dream last night in which started at this big cinema where I was going to see a film with some friends. I don’t remember the film we were going to see, but it was on for 2 hours. There were three time slots: 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. We got tickets for 1pm.

After the film, I was at home getting ready to go out again with my family. I was debating between wearing a Doctor Who shirt or a blazer. I opted for a white shirt and purple blazer. We were leaving at 7pm, but mother was faffing about with things. I was annoyed that we were running late, so I put my phone on charge. A short while, the taxi arrived and I told Grandad to go out to it. Mother kept pacing around going on about compost. Lee got a reminder on his phone about money, so I grabbed his wallet off the table. There was £45 in there and some tickets for an event.

On the way, I suggested we lie and say that we were late because we’d been at karate, but Grandad insisted we tell the truth. I text Goodwin, but he didn’t receive my message because his phone battery was low. I scrolled through my phone and found a text I’d sent him exactly a year before wishing him a happy birthday, so I sent him another message saying “Oh it’s your birthday, congrats and stuff.”

When we got to the place, we found out we hadn’t bought tickets for Nan and Grandad, but the people working there let them in anyway. We went in and sat down. It was a big room, lit with purple lights and decorated with lots of tables and chairs. I looked around for Goodwin but couldn’t find him.

However, I did bump into an old man who told me he was secretly a gardener and was making a gardening documentary.

I carried on looking and eventually met up with mike. We both decided to go home. When we got to my house, the door was open and Lee had left the key in the door. I went in and found Lee watching the Simpsons on TV. In the episode, Bart and Lisa had gone to a new school. At this new school, there were tubes instead of doors at the entrance and only the clever kids were let in. I told Lee that the tubes would make me claustrophobic, but he was too busy watching to hear me. Bart cheated and ended up wandering in through a side door. Another kid tried to get in through another door, but the owner of the school stopped him and told him there were no upper levels in the building. Bart sneaked into a bathroom and fiddled with some switches. He soon realised that they turned the gas on, so he ran outside and the building exploded.

I left the house and went to town. As I was walking around, a beggar asked me for money. I said no. I saw him a little while later wearing a suit and talking to his daughter. He said to her, “You said to come back when I had money, so here you go. It’s not much but it’s a start.” Then he gave her 20p and a few copper coins. I told him to tell her how he got the money, but he wouldn’t, so his daughter left him.

In the next bit of the dream (it was a long one) I was playing a game. I’ve written the rules down, but I’ve no idea what they mean now. The first part was to ‘Pick a car, the height of the door. You have to roll down the van to get to the end, quest wins.’ To which I said, “I could walk that standing up.”

Then you had to ‘pick a plank on the door to remove. One will make it crack.’ I picked a plank that had ‘Hello mail’ written on it.

The next round was a boss level. ‘The boss tells me to pick. Sperlock but I don’t know if he means now so I let him say it.’ To which a girl said, “Aww, bless.”

Make of that last bit what you will.

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