A Man Called Janet

In this dream, I was at work. Mak, my boss in real life, and Gush, my friend in real life, were also there working with me on the computers. I got an email telling me that the Comic Con was on tomorrow, so I told Mak and Gush and we decided we’d all go. The plan was to meet at New Street Station and go together.

The next day, I got there about an hour early, so I decided to leave the train station and go back into town for a bit. On the way out, I got talking to a man called Janet, who told me he was going to the Comic Con too. The exit was much longer than it had been when I arrived – I had to climb several flights of stairs. When I got to the top, there was a big ramp leading from one roof to another. I’m naturally quite scared of heights, so in the dream I was scared. What made it worse was that it was raining and the ramp was made of a cheap, flat plastic, so it was very slippy. There were no railings on the edge, so if you fell you’d fall off and plummet to certain death. I was terrified. In the end I got half way and then heard Gush calling me, so I tried to turn round to come back, but because it was so wet I just kept spinning around, screaming the whole time.

Then I woke up.

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