A persistent Nan

I was at home and was having a meal with mother, Mike and two girls. I think we had fish and chips. One of the girls, who was quite a big girl, had finished her chips and said she wanted some more, so I let her have some of mine.

After dinner, mother was washing up while Mike and I were talking about the big girl. Mike made a joke about how big she was and I said something like “NASA have built a shuttle so they can fly over her and see the other side.”

It was a lot funnier in the dream.

In the next part of the dream, I was at a restaurant with mother, nan and my uncle, Peter. However, he looked nothing like my uncle and he was a bit ‘slow’. We finished our meal and were heading out, but nan wanted a coffee. To try and disguise this, she kept asking us if we wanted some pizza. I said no, as I’d already twice in this dream and I was full. She persisted and asked me three times. On the last time, she grabbed the scarf I was wearing and pulled me back to ask me. However, it was quite a thin scarf and it choked me a bit. I got really annoyed and shouted at her how she wasn’t listening and nearly choked me.

Mother told me Peter had gone to the toilet and to go find him, then order a taxi. I headed for the toilets, but found Peter on the way, so we went back to the entrance and I ordered a taxi. I was still really annoyed with my nan, which is a shame, because today is her birthday in real life.

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