Alice and the spiders

In bed
Looking at my mattress behind my bed
There’s a tag on it that says Alice
We had the mattress off someone and the girl who it previously belonged to was called Alice

I spotted a spider on the wall
I went downstairs and got a dustpan and brush
I had a little sister who came in to see what I was doing
I shone my sonic screwdriver
There were three spiders
I pointed it at the big one
“He’s the leader. Get him and the others should follow.”
The big spider ran around frantically
I herded it onto the dustpan
It was too big and started to climb off
I tried to stop it but accidentally cut it in half
I then scooped it with the brush and further destroyed it
I brushed it up and got rid of it

Went up to the ring
Mother went to get chippy
I headed home
Two kids followed me
They kept teasing me but I stayed cool
Later they came to karate
They kept trying to get me so I just swept them

Mother had a few friends round
She asks us to let the one friend’s daughter Sophie play with us
We went upstairs
She loved my room
I had a gruffalo poster
She asked to play my ukulele
She played a bluesy walking bass line which I planned to steal
She asked if we could play with the duo play remotes on the PS3
I didn’t even know we had it
we looked through the games
I had one that had different games on the front and back cover
I thought mike had got it me but he hadn’t
Sophie said she liked fighting games
We settled on marvel vs capcom
My room was very big with an L shaped sofa
Shannon was on the sofa two
we set the game up but then mother came up and said it was time for Sophie to go
We were all disappointed

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