Angrem’s Duck

There once was a German – or he might have been French I’m not sure – man called Angrem. Every night he would walk the streets of Birmingham looking for ducks to lure into his home. Little did Angrem know that there aren’t many ducks roaming the streets of Birmingham at midnight. But still, his persistence paid off, as one day he came across what he thought was a duck (it was actually a rather oddly shaped poodle, but since he had never seen a duck he did not know the difference).

So he took the ‘duck’ home and took it into the kitchen. He then proceeded to show him around the rest of the flat and told the ‘duck’ that he would need to pay £200 rent up front before moving in, to which the duck replied “Woof”. You see, Angrem had been wanting a flatmate for some time and was very keen on it being a duck.

So for the rest of the night they stayed up watching television and eating crisps. But just as morning was breaking, Angrem was falling asleep. The ‘duck’ seized this opportunity to make his daring escape. He ran into the kitchen and jumped through the open window. He flew down onto the street and made a run for it.

Angrem now lives alone. The ‘duck’ doesn’t.

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