Another Harley Quinn Dream

Had another dream with Harley Quinn in it last night – not surprising since I bought a figure of her yesterday. So, in the dream I went to her house. She wasn’t there, but her mother was and she let me wait for Harley there. I had a look around the room and saw some CDs that were really pink and girly, not what I’d expected. I watched Bargain Hunt for a while and then went to the toilet. There was a tub in the bathroom full of thumbs. I made a mental note to ask Harley later what they were for.

After a while Harley Quinn arrived. We said hello and watched a bit more of Bargain Hunt. I asked her about the thumbs and she didn’t remember them, so I took her into the bathroom to show her the tub of thumbs. However, the bathroom had changed and it was now massive, like we were tiny people in a giant’s bathroom. The sink was really high up, so I helped her climb it. She started passing handfuls of soap and water down for me to wash myself. We heard a noise and both hid behind the giant bottles.

A giant came into the room – not dissimilar to the BFG – and saw me cowering behind a bottle of shampoo. He grabbed me and said, ‘I loves Sophie.’ – this being the girl from the BFG book.
‘You tried to eat her!’ I replied sternly.
He looked sad and said, ‘Ah yes, I did do that.’

Then I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep.

In the next part of the dream I was playing with my nephew, Max, who was now a few years old. He was telling me that he didn’t like Simon Cowell and that he wanted a colouring book to colour in. I showed him a few, but he didn’t like them. He told me he wanted a pop-up colouring book, so I tried to make one. It wasn’t very good.

Max then showed me a Harry Potter trailer that Lee (my brother, his father) had helped him edit. I was quite impressed that a 3 year old had edited a trailer in Final Cut. I tried to add a flash of light at one point, but the timeline was really complex and difficult to work with.

Then I woke up.

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