Apple Collective

In town with Mike and mom. saw nan and grandad looking shifty. They were there to meet their friend Carl off a plane. Nan said the plane had landed 4 hours ago. We tried calling him but got no response. They went home to wait for him.

At a town meeting discussing an organisation called Apple Collective, which was a group of local businesses. They needed several witnesses to pitch, but they hadn’t turned up, so a guy in the audience – who was sat on a recliner chair because he was disabled – spoke instead. Then mom pitched in and started going on about other stuff, like putting a heart on the door of the office and having been to a shop and a worker there said they weren’t happy. Meanwhile, I was looking at their website and thinking I could easily redesign it. The header had a nice logo with green line art showing the different types of businesses, but it also had more line art in a grey box that could’ve been incorporated into the main one.

At home, we had 2 letters off nan and grandad. One explained they’d been running a business offering healing services and products without us knowing.

There was another bit where I was on a date with a dark-haired girl I’d met online. We were sat outside a cafe on a busy street. We chatted for a bit and had a laugh.

I went to the doctors and was looking for mom, who was in a consult with the doctor. I tried to sneak around to find her, but people saw me. I said I was looking for mom who was in a consult and a couple of guys pointed me where to go. One guy took me to a call centre room, but I explained she was in a one to one consult with a doctor and he didn’t know where that would be.