Apple Max

Had a dream last night in which Mother and I were going on holiday somewhere on the train. However, the plane was suddenly cancelled. We had over an hour until the next one, so they told us to go back to the hotel and wait an hour.

As we were all going to get taxis, a man who worked at the airport called over to a guy, “If you still wanted to get a treat for your goldfish, there’s a pet shop here you could kill some time in.”
The guy agreed and went to the pet shop inside a big shopping centre. A few others – including me and mother – also went into the shopping centre to pass time.

Inside, there was a small escalator going up about 10 steps. Mother didn’t notice it, so when I pointed it out she was quite surprised. There were two fairly old women quite a way in front of us and one of them fell over at the escalator. Instead of running over to help her, mother just complained.

We went to the Apple Store, as mother wanted to get some headphones. She started going on about my iPhone and making CDs, but I told her to focus on the real reason we were there. I also suggested she ask if they had any headphones for the hearing impaired.

I saw a girl called Tegana working there. I’ve not met her in real life, but she looked how I imagine she looks. There was also a young man who worked there helping a woman find something. We waited around to speak to him as everyone else was busy.

When he was finished, he walked past us and we stopped him to ask for help. He told us he couldn’t help, but showed us a drawing of the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS interior that he had done. I had a go at him saying, “So you’ve got time to do drawings, but you won’t help us?”
He told me, quite angrily, that he didn’t start work until 5pm and walked off. We just wandered around the shop for a bit.

Later, we were at my brother’s house. It was the day before my nephew Max’s birthdays party and the whole family was there.

I gave Max his present (a musical toy, the same one as in real life) and he was really excited by it. Max’s mother, Sam, said they’d put the batteries in later and we all had a discussion on who should get to put the first batteries in.

While they were talking, I went over to play with Max. He dragged a toy over that was a Minion themed box. I asked him what it was and he told me. Though he can’t speak yet in real life, here he could say a few random words. I was quite surprised that some of them were quite long. When he said ‘absolutely’ I said “That’s a log word for a 1 year old.”
He said “Reading paragraphs.”
By which he meant Lee and Sam had been reading books to him and he’d picked words up.

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