Mike an I went to see Rhod Gilbert live. However, he had come out as trans/non-binary and changed his name to Aquarelle. He also had longer, shoulder-length hair. Most people left the venue and after about 20 minutes it was just me, Mike and another person. We now all sat round a table, rather than in the rows of seats.

Rhod/Aquarelle explained that he’d asked his fans to suggested names and narrowed it down to Conchita (which they’d experimented with changing all the vowels to A) or Aquarelle, and he chose the latter because it sounded more like a princess. I’m not sure if he did that because he found it funny or he genuinely liked the idea of sounding more princess like. Rhod/Aquarelle gave us all envelopes to reveal our prizes. Mike and I won 4 tubs of cotton candy while the other person won 6.

Rhod/Aquarelle then went out to take a photo of the moon behind my house. The moon had a purple tint and was massive, very low in the sky. I followed him to see what he was up to and then returned with him. On the walk back, he asked if I’d missed anything from the show. I said “Just you walking, but I’m fairly familiar with your gait.”

He then invited me back to his house and he talked me through some of his favourite scenes in films and some of his favourite video games. There was an Incredible Hulk TV series and a Toy Story style game. In the game, there was a doll of a baby that was sneaking around collecting things. It then stopped and spoke to a Barbie-esque doll of a woman dressed in a red dress and sunglasses with a wide-brimmed hat. While they were talking, a woman who looked almost identical, but dressed in black, came over and started arguing with the woman in red about something.