Ariel and Avie

Had a dream where I was working in a design agency (not Creative Astro) on some freelance projects. I was sitting with no shoes on, working from the floor with my work spread out before me​. I was creating a blank book by sticking bits of paper over an existing book.

There were also some other people working with me in the office, two of whom were called Ariel and Avie. In real life, these are names of two characters from a book that I have just published, so this was quite interesting. The two girls were pretty much how I’d written them in the book, Ariel was smart and sensible, Avie was younger and more fun.

After I’d finished the book, we decided to edit Avie’s online dating profile to get rid of details about her vandalising a caravan (in the book they lived in caravans at a circus) and I said if anybody questioned the incident, I’d say it was me. Avie then immediately got a date, so we helped her get ready for it and she got dressed up. She chose an outfit that was very short and I pointed out that it showed too much cleavage. Ariel said we could lengthen the dress, so she started tugging at it and it did indeed increase in size.

The dream then cut to me and Mike interviewing a woman. She told us a story about a dog, including the line “Puddle about a poodle” – I’m not entirely sure what that meant, but at the time it was funny. Points were given to her for the quality of her story. Afterwards, Mike started to tell us a story, but he was interrupted when a client called me on the phone. I took the call, stepped outside the room and woke up.

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