Avengers at karate

I was at karate and the usual people were there, but Paul Rudd and Anthony Mackie (who play Ant-Man and Falcon in the Marvel films) were there too. I don’t think they were in character, but later Brandon Routh, in character as Ray Palmer from the DC shows, turned up wearing his Atom suit.

We all did some karate and then Jeremy Renner – again in character as Hawkeye from the Marvel films – turned up and said he had an announcement. He got up on a podium with a microphone and told us how the “feelings he had 3 years ago” were back. He was depressed over Black Widow’s death.

Because of this, he decided to go off the pill – the women’s birth control that men could apparently use in this universe. He took a pill from a pack of 6, crushed it up and replaced it with a little blob of jelly. This was apparently a trick someone had taught him. I’m not sure why he did that or how it would help him, surely he could just not take the pill? Who knows.

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