When Ben met Zooey

Had a dream in which I was at a party with my family. Mike and Laura were also there. There was also a special guest at the party… Zooey Deschanel!

I was of course very excited at this. At one point she was doing a signing, so I took my ukulele up and asked her to sign that, which she did. I then asked for a photo and she obliged. Mike took one on my SLR camera (I wanted a nice photo, not a crappy iPhone one) and for the pose we just sort of leant into each other, but I properly squeezed in tight and she said ‘Aww.’

Then the guy running the signing said we should do anther one with a better pose. So Zooey stood up and did a pose pretending to punch me, but she had unknowingly hidden her head behind her arm, so I was disappointed, but luckily the guy saw and said to do a different pose.

I then told her she was my favourite access and that I was very glad to meet her. Then I had to move on. I watched her for a bit from the bar, still awestruck. After a while my Nan and grandad wanted to go, so I said I’d walk them home.

We went outside and Nan was rushing off (as she often does) so grandad was complaining to me that Nan never goes anywhere on her own. Apparently, she always said that if she went out Grandad wouldn’t be able to make his own dinner, which is an odd thing to say because grandad does all the cooking for them. I then suggested that they should get the train home, but grandad said the bus was cheaper, had a TV and came with a free meal.

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