Benca on a London boat

I’m London with Mike and school friends. On a boat, restaurant several floors below sea level. I sat with Connor and a girl. My name card had BENC/A on it, so I pointed it out and said my name was Benca. Mike had to go back up to do his blood sugar diabetes test. I started eating my food and realised nobody else had. I asked if it was okay to eat and then realised Connor had already finished his.

We sailed along and we could see the ocean life outside and boats above us. I took some photos.

Told mom about the dream. Mentioned Mike and I were planning to go to London Tuesday, but since Claire-Marie had dropped out I wasn’t sure if we should still go or not. Surprisingly, she encouraged me to go, so I said I’d mention it to Mike. I then realised it was a dream.

I woke up and then went back to sleep and i was back on the boat. A woman suggested Mike, mom and I go to a restaurant for lunch before we went home. When we got off the bus, I suggested it to mom and she liked the idea so we walked into the shopping area of town. We had quite a few things with us, so I suggested it would be good if they had somewhere tourists could leave their things for a few hours. Mom said they could just use their hotel rooms.

I spotted a natural food store and suggested we look in there, so we did. The shop was very big but sparsely filled, with a lot of empty space. We looked at some foods on a shelf and Mike started playing with a pot of honey.

A Chinese looking man in a pink suit came in and asked if anyone had dropped a purse. I had a look and it was mom’s. She must’ve dropped it in a previous shop. I was very grateful and gave him £5 as a thank you, which he was very happy about.