Birthday meal at Moosches

I was on stage with Lee Mack in a small, intimate room. I was his assistant for part of his act. For one bit I had to hold up a sanding block and pretend to sand something down. The joke was that it was supposed to have already been sanded and it would take ages to sand it all down on stage, so I did a bit and he sent me off.

I came off stage and was in my mom’s friend Teresa’s house, but it was a different house to real life. I went to the kitchen to get a snack and changed into my dresssing gown. I got some water and a chocolate. My nephew Max then came into the kitchen. He was supposed to be getting ready and I could hear his mom calling him. We had a quick chat, then he went to get changed.

I went to go to the toilet and on the way I saw a friend called Nelson. I noticed Gush was also there, along with a couple of guys from college. I went into the toilet, which was weirdly open plan. As I sat there, I looked around and noticed lots of other people there, including Sophie from work and her wife who was pregnant. I suddenly twigged that we must all be going out for a meal for my birthday. That’s why there was a menu in the hallway. The menu had the logo at the top, Moosches with words around it like gravy, potatoes and chutney, but the word had been crossed out and changed as they were planning to refresh the logo.

I had a bit of a chat with Sophie and pretended I still thought we were having a meal at the house. I then looked around slowly and said “We’re not all going to fit at the table in there are we?” and she chuckled. I guessed we were going out for my birthday and she confirmed we were.

Later we were sat in my Nan and grandad’s living room. Sophie was feeding their baby with a bottle. A waiter came round and asked everyone if they wanted anything and my grandad ordered some milk. It came in a baby’s bottle and he had to hold it up to his nipple and drink it through his nipple.