Had a dream where Mike and I were working out on a boat. Not sure what we did but we enjoyed it, and we we’re looking out at other planets and watching things go by really really quickly on them.

And then one day when we got to the boat there was another boat come out to see us, and they were wanting to advertise with us. They did something where when you go on holiday you can take you dog. We said we didn’t want to work with them and you explained why their business was flawed. And after Mike spoke to their manager, they said “Before we go, let’s check your nails.”
So they came and looked at our toe nails and the girl who looked at mine was rather good looking and one of my nails was a bit long so she cleaned it with a toothbrush. Then they left. So I quickly cleaned my teeth and put on a turquoise cravat and went after her.

And then George Harrison started singing Any Road and that was my alarm cueing me to wake up.

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