My brother is allergic to nuts

My brother is allergic to nuts
They make his face go big
It always makes me laugh so much
So this is what I did

I put cashews in his shoes
I put chestnuts on his chest
I put pistachios
Right up his nose
With a slice of lemon zest

Well he wasn’t happy at all
But his face was a wonderful size
I couldn’t resist, I was having a ball
So I gave him another surprise

I taped walnuts to his wall
I put peanuts in his pee
I put some pecans
In both of his hands
And now he’s mad at me

He yelled at me to stop
But I hadn’t finished my exercise
I wondered if his head would pop
If it kept growing in size

I put almonds in his albums
I put a hickory in his dickory dock
I put hazelnuts
In his nasal ducts
While he begged me to stop

Well I hope my brother never discovers
What I’m allergic to
Cos if he does he’ll do the same to me
And I’ll be a big head too

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