I was in some sort of group. There was a girl there called Camite. She was slightly younger than me, had brown hair and a kind, smiley face. She wore an orange top on the first day. We spoke a few times the first day and I realised she liked me. I liked her too. When I realised she liked me, I couldn’t remember her name, but I overheard someone say it.

The next day, I spoke to her more and we shared a few moments of physical touching. We were on a coach, sat at the back and I rested my head on her shoulder. She suggested we play a game and I liked the idea. I went down the front to get my stuff, as I’d been sitting there before. But there was lots of rubbish that I thought they’d think was mine, so I cleaned it up. By the time I got back to my seat, the teacher had decided to play a game as a class. She told Camite she didn’t have to play if she didn’t want to.

Later, we got off the coach and went into my house. Camite had a little toy pushchair with her that she parked outside the house. Inside, I was talking to someone about how people rush you for answers when you’ve only just started something, and used an example of my brother asking me if my food was any good straight after I’d send him a photo of what I was having. I didn’t realise he was in the hallways though and he explained it was so I could answer once I’d tried it. Another girl asked how we refill our beanbag, so I explained and unzipped it to show her. The little balls went everywhere, so I had to pick them all up. Camite came over to help me and I smiled at her with gratitude.

I noticed she was wearing a t-shirt with drawings of dogs on and it said “Do you want to please your dog or your woman? Feed me, walk me, fuss me. Little symbiotics, that’s all I’m saying.”

I felt really happy at that moment. We’d both shown we liked each other and it was clearly developing into a relationship. But thn I stopped and remembered this was a dream. And then I felt sad, because it wasn’t real.