Had a dream last night in which I went to the theatre with mike, my mother and Katy Perry (who was wearing a green dress). I can’t remember what the play was, but I know I was excited to be in a theatre again. Mike got to sit next to Katy Perry, which he was happy about. However, while we were waiting for the play to start, I could hear my mother (who was sat on the other side of Katy) talking about uninteresting topics to Katy, who was no doubt bored.

After the play, we realised that there wouldn’t be enough room in the Taxi to fit all of us plus my nan and Grandad (who had apparently turned up at this point). I said that Mike and I would stay and wait for a lift off Mike’s dad, so the others got in a taxi and left.

Mike and I met up with Goodwin and went to get some food. After suggesting a couple of places – including Costa and Homebase – we settled on a place called Chordea (or something like that). We went in and saw they were doing a cooked breakfast, despite it being about 2pm. I only wanted sausage, bacon and eggs, so I asked the guy if I could just pick what I wanted, buffet style. He said we weren’t supposed to, but he would let me this once. I then noticed on the menu that there was an option for just sausage, bacon and eggs, so I had that.

When we’d finished eating, we left Goodwin and walked around. We were at the NEC – it didn’t look anything like it, but that’s what I knew it as – and I saw that comic con was on, so we went there to kill some time.

At one stall, Mike bought some oversized Lego base plates. Mike went to put them in a plastic carrier bag, but the seller pointed out that the bag would break, so he’d have to have a bin bag. The total came to £60, which mike was unsure about, but the seller pointed out that this also included a free provisional driver’s licence worth £80. Mike took the forms off him to fill in and we went outside.

We sat on a hill where something was happening (I can’t remember what) and I told Mike I was scared of heights. To avoid thinking about it, I did a puzzle in a book where there were illustrations on a grid with bits that were wrong in them. The first one was a classroom and the error was a girl shrugging. The second one was us on the hill. I changed some of the features of the hill, they changed in real life. I thought Mike was filling in the form, but when I looked over he was just doodling on the paper.

We got up and went to wait for his dad who was picking us up. Mike said his dad was a tree trunk away. “Is that because he drove into one and it’s on the front of his car?” I asked.

Eventually his dad arrived and we drove off.

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