Chris Evans gives bad advice

Mike and I went back to school and we managed to lie our way into an art class. We did a bit of painting until everyone left. Then Mike wanted a birthday present from the class but didn’t want anyone to give him something he didn’t want, so he had a look around and eventually settled on an A3 sketchbook. I also took an A5 sketchbook, claiming we were now students, so we were entitled to them.

Later, Lee was fixing a wooden laminate floor somewhere and needed to measure 8mm thickness. He cut a piece that was 10mm thick down, but when I measured it, it was 8.5mm.

In the next part of the dream, I was going to Laura’s house. Before I went, I stopped off at a shop and bought a bunch of mini cream cakes. Nan and grandad were there in the shop too.

I then went to Laura’s house, which was a big house in the country, with tall ceilings and wooden beams. There were lots of people there, so it was probably some kind of party. There was a trip to go on some ride and a guy pretended to be me so he could go on the ride with the girl I’d planned to go on the ride with. I could’ve stopped him, but I decided to let him go.

Later, the guy’s social worker came looking for him. I told her where he was and she took him away. That was kind of my revenge.

Later, I was at work and showed my boss Dave some photos of Laura’s house. He liked the house.

I went outside and started jogging up and down the road for exercise. I saw Chris Evans walking across the road. I went up to him and asked for advice on gaining weight and muscles. He said “You don’t need to worry about that. You’re young, you should just be enjoying life.”

I said I was enjoying life but wanted to be bigger. He said “I don’t know kid. I’m an actor, not a dietician. Try googling it.” Then he left.

Finally, Zooey Deschanel came to my house and asked me to help her with setting her laptop up. She got it out, turned it on and logged in… then I woke up.

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