Clubs and dogs

Goodwin and I were out shopping. I had a list of things to buy, but he only had a short amount of time. He suggested we go to Poundland to get the board game, but I wanted to get that from a toy shop. We went somewhere to get some snacks and we each picked something out. We didn’t pay for them though, we had to take them to a club that Goodwin worked at and pay there. We went to the club, which had recently had a makeover and looked very classy, with a black and white sign that read “The Five Eight Club”. We went inside and up to the reception.

One of our old teachers was there and said to me “Hello young man”. I said “I think you mean young stud muffin,” and grinned but she didn’t find it funny at all.

Goodwin paid for our food items and then we went into the club.

Later, Mom, Mike and I went to mom’s friend’s house. She had a foot condition that made it hard for her to walk. She also had a son who’s recently had an operation too.

Mom and the woman had a chat while Mike and I sat either side on the sofa. Mike mentioned about Wetherspoon doing meals for delivery and said he was going to look into them for him and his mom. The woman said something about a “ladies store” and Mike and I joked about opening a store that’s sold ladies.

The woman asked mom about a party she’d been to recently and mom said “I’ve got loads of gossip, I’ll tell you later.” So I said “Shall Mike and I go for a walk for ten minutes?”

Mom suggested we take their dog for a walk, so Mike, the son and I took their little bulldog out for a walk. The floor was a little icy and sloppy. There wasn’t much grass nearby either. As we walked, I noticed a group of young guys with dogs. One of them was the throwing what I thought was glass but wasn’t. I changed course to avoid them. Some other guys with rotewilers came by and saw the other guys with dogs – they had huskies and a couple of other breeds. They sneered and, knowing their dogs didn’t like the rotwilers, let them off lead. They ran around teasing the other dogs, and also came up to our bulldog. Thankfully they were okay, so we just kept walking.