I Am The Doctor

Had this weird dream last night, where I was like The Doctor. And I was sent back in time to this time in Earth and as I got there a photographer lost his job and I got his job straight away.

And I made a few friends, including Simon (Phung, my real friend) and a girl.

And so I was taking photographs and I noticed something. A spark in the clouds. So I told everyone to stay inside and then everything went dark and there were lightning bolts hitting this big creepy castle/house. And I said “There’s always a castle in these films.” (Breaking the 4th wall in my dreams).

And the next thing we know there’s a Dalek attacking our building. And I managed to stop it. And everyone was happy. And the girl said “Everything’s alright now then?” And I said “Of course it is, you’ve got me, mister happy!”

And as famous last words go, they were pretty damn baaad. Cos then more and more Daleks came. And we hid. And I managed to escape by getting Kryten (who is suddenly part of my gang) to use some smoke bombs. Which, at first he wouldn’t use because there were small children present, to which I pointed out “Look at them, they’re smoking!”. Cut to a young child smoking a cigarette.

So he used it and we escaped. And I escaped to a country road, where Gush reminded me I’d left my bass guitar back in the building. Damn. Too late now, more important things were at stake.

So I got back to the TARDIS and used a teleport disc to bring Simon back to the TARDIS. And I realised I’d forgotten the girl. But as Mike – for some reason he’d turned up – reminded me (I say reminded, this was the first I knew about it) this was a fake world set up by the Daleks.

(But why would the Daleks invade their own fake world??? I was making it up as I went along.)

But in order for us to leave, we had to destroy the fake world – in which I’d made friends, met a girl, got a job, killed a Dalek… Could I do it??? I remembered the real world and a girl who was the same as the girl here, only real. But I couldn’t go back and save her (well, I probably could but I didn’t think about it) cos either I’d die or she’d be dead. And I felt so sad that I’d let her and other people I ‘knew’ die.

And then, like all good dreams I woke up. Never knowing if I escaped and what the fate of that world was. I’m hoping it’ll continue tonight but I doubt it. Feel so sad now though. I actually feel like I’ve let a whole world die and it’s my fault.

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