Darth Vader’s performance issues

Me Mike and Goodwin were in town and there was a war going on. An alien race had invaded. We’d found one of their main weapons and had to get it to a safe hiding place in space.

The main villain saw us on the way. He put his mask on and it turned out to be Darth Vader. He drew his lightsaber and pointed it at me. I was fascinated and asked if I could touch it. He said it would burn me, but I touched it and it didn’t. The power drained from it and it went all limp. Darth Vader said “Aww no, not performance issues.” So we just carried on with our mission.

On the way, we had to drop off some information about health to a solicitor client from work. As there was lots of people in town, I asked the others if they’d mind if I carried on. They said no, so I used my super speed to whizz through the crowd and get the information to them. They were very happy with it.

In the dream I woke up and saw it was 9:50. My phone had done some updates during the night and turned off my alarms, as well as deleting a load of apps. I tried to contact my boss and colleagues but nothing was going through, so eventually I just got ready and went to work.

Then I woke up for real.

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