Dave’s birthday

In the first part of the dream, I was at a school and walking back to class when I saw Voldemort behind me. I knew he was after me but hadn’t seen me, so I ran into the school and up to a room at the very top of the building where I could hide. A friend was already in there, so I told him about Voldemort.

A teacher then came in and heard my story and said to gather some friends so we could put a play on about it in the main hall.

I was at work and talking to a new girl who had just started working there. I mentioned it was Dave’s birthday the next day (Thursday) and asked if she’d bought him anything. She said she’d put £20 in his card.

I hadn’t bought him anything, so I planned to get a gift card and put it in a card and drop it off the next day, even though I wasn’t in the office that day.

She also mentioned she’d had a call from Dec (from Ant and Dec) inviting her to Dave’s birthday party. there were going to be a few celebs there as we’d just done some work for a high profile client. I couldn’t go, as I had other commitments, but I didn’t really want to go anyway.

I went to M&S as I knew he liked the crisps and other food from there (he often goes there for lunch in real life). I had a look round but they’d rearranged everything and the food hall was now off in a different room. There was also a new cafe there.

As I was walking around, I bumped into a young girl. I didn’t say anything, but I heard her whining to her dad that I’d knocked her. I went back and told the dad I’d brushed past and apologised. He didn’t seem too bothered, and started making jokes about his daughter, saying how if they did psychological tests on her they’d think she was the daughter of satan. It was funny at first, but he followed me round a bit talking, so I swiftly left.

I stopped off at the DVDs and saw there was a new Venom film I was tempted to get. There was also a new Pokémon film that had been put in a Batman (the 1989 movie) case. I took the Venom DVD up to the counter and asked for £15 to be put on it (I thought it was a gift card).

I handed the woman what I thought was £15 and she asked if I was sure because there would be a lot of change. I looked again and I’d given her a £50 note instead of a £10. I took it back and gave her a tenner. She jokingly asked if I wanted a colour chart to tell them apart. I said I was just tired.