Dirty Eyes

Had a dream last night where I was talking to my brother, Lee, and his friend, Matt. As we were talking, a girl walked past. Matt pointed out that she had crumbs on her face and ‘dirty eyes.’ Despite this, I was rather fond of her. She walked past three times and waved. I decided if she walked by again I’d wave back. Sadly, she didn’t walk past again.

Instead, a young boy came up to me and started rubbing a £2 coin along my body. I tried to stop him, saying I don’t like people touching me, but he was doing it as a sort of threat. I told him I had no phone or money, but he continued, so I held some fishing wire up to sort of threaten him back. He pushed it against me, but it didn’t cut me. He kept trying to choke me with it, so I pulled on it and a hand dryer – which was attached to the end – came flying in and knocked him out.

I then went off to the cabin where I was staying. It was a nice, cosy place that had just one twin bedroom. There was a steep rocky path leading up to it, so I had to help my dog, Zeta, to get up to it.

When I got there, Mike and Laura were looking through some photos of me in various outfits that included overalls and a karate suit.

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