Dude, where’s my uke?

Had a dream last night where I was back in school. The teacher was Miss Kelly, Who had been my IT teacher in real life, only this time she was teaching music.

At one point she went into the other room and I told the guy next to me that she’d been my teacher at school and had never been promoted to Head of IT, and pointed out she wasn’t Head of Music here.

She’d asked us to bring our own instruments in, so I’d bought my soprano ukulele and my pocket ukulele as well. When she saw the pocket uke, she thought it was very cute and asked if she could try it, so I let her.

After everybody shower their instruments (there were only a few of us) she sat talking to one of the kids, so I got up and had a wander round. After a while, I pointed out that we hadn’t actually done any work yet. She apologised and said we’d all write a song.

I went to get my soprano ukulele, but discovered it wasn’t where I’d left it. I asked her if she knew where it was and she said no. I asked the other kids and they didn’t know either. I suspected one of them had nicked it, as it’s a nice ukulele. I looked all around the classroom and saw loads of ukuleles of all different shapes and sizes, but I couldn’t find my own.

I decided to pull the shutters down on the door and padlocked them down to lock us all in. I hid the key and said I’d let us out when someone found my ukulele.

Then I woke up, so I’ll never know where it was now.

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