Elvis live at the community hall

I was with a guy and we were chasing something through the street. We were following a secret train network, which was escorted by police, so it would never be delayed or derailed. We used teleports to jump to different parts of the train by firing a gun at chevron stickers on the walls and floor.

We had been going into the past to change history, but each time we did, Dean Thomas (from Harry Potter) and another guy were always there. I started doing a Brian Cox impressions as I pointed out that they were a fixed point in time.

Later, Mike and I went to see Elvis live in like a town hall or community hall. During the last song, Elvis told us all to stand on the tables and clap our hands, which we did. After the show, Elvis came and sat next to us. I was so excited to be sitting next to Elvis. I wanted a photo, but was too shy. But then someone else asked for a photo, so I did too. Mike took it, but it looked like he’d done it in selfie mode and I imagined him taking a photo of the floor. Elvis got up and left, and I thought I’d missed the opportunity, but thankfully Mike had taken a good photo.