Extreme shop diving

Mike and I met up with Gush. Got a taxi to the cinema by the shopping centre. It didn’t wait when we got there and drove into the shopping centre to drop us off.

Group doing extreme sports display in shopping centre. Guy did trapeze style jump. Then he jumped and dropped down to the floor, three storeys and thud. We weren’t sure if he was alive. One of the women said he was. I was scared of the height by this time as there was no barrier. She was being strapped into a suit filled with liquid titanium. She was going to drop down too.

I said I didn’t like it and told Jim Royale (from the Royale family) I was going outside and to tell Mike and Gush I’d meet them outside. I knew if I told Gush he’d want to come with me and then Mike would feel like he had to come too, but he was enjoying it.

Later in the dream, a man called Libby was beheaded. Not sure if it was by accident, but we wanted him alive. His head was frozen to preserve it and we thawed it out in an oven. After a while he woke up, still just a head. I wanted to find a body for him.

I went to a sweet shop with mom and it was a nice, big, old fashioned sweet shop with all the jars behind the counter and lots of different sweets and chocolates. I wanted some pear drops, but they only had other flavours and they were called “enri”. I saw some candy noodles at the counter.

The oldish woman behind the counter had a robot assistant. I wondered if we could use the body for Libby.

There was also a bit where I’d kidnapped a boy and locked him in a room, with a plan to starve him and make him pay for something he or his mother had done.

And there was another bit where I was shopping in Asda and riding around on the trolley. I got some olive oil and some “personal oil”, which was similar but not used for cooking.