Fencing with rulers

Mother and I were in hospital looking after a man. I don’t know who he was, but from what I recall he was in a secret organisation that we were part of.

The man started to flatline, but mother managed to do the necessary to get him back. But then a few minutes later he flatlined again. Mother realised that it wasn’t the medicine, it was something in his blood from the operation he’d just had.

She quickly unpicked the stitches on his leg and squeezed out some white goo. She asked me to pass her a little glass bottle of yellow liquid and poured some on his wound. She did a couple of other things and stitched it back up. The man stopped flatlining and came back around, this time for good.

In the next part of the dream, I was with Mike, nan, grandad and a girl. We were in a comic book shop. I bought a few Lego figures and a couple of other things.

The woman serving offered the woman in front of me a free poster, as she wasn’t going to use it. I half hoped she’d offer me something free, but she didn’t.

When it was my turn, I put my stuff down on the table (the two employees were sat at a table rather than a proper counter) and the woman pointed out that the three Lego figures I’d chosen were all wearing green. The figures I had originally chosen weren’t, they’d somehow changed by the time I got to the till. One of the figures was the Riddler, and she wondered off to measure a nearby pole which she thought she might be able to bend into the shape of the Riddler’s question mark staff if I ever wanted to do cosplay.

Meanwhile, the shop was now getting much busier. The woman came back, but an old guy came up to her asking if she had any aspirin, so she was once again distracted and I stood there waiting to pay.

Eventually I paid and we left. The girl said she had to go somewhere, so I said I’d go with her and meet up with Mike and my grandparents later.

We went and did her errand (can’t remember what it was) and got the bus to Halesowen, where my grandparents live. I text my Nan but she replied that they’d gone to church and would see us another day. It was too late now though, we were on the bus. Luckily, a familiar face was also on the bus. I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned round it was Mike. The three of us moved to the back of the bus and had a chat.

When we got off, we decided to get the train back to Birmingham. The girl said she had to quickly go off and do something (again) so this time Mike went with her.

I went down the stairs into the train station and there were a few guys shouting and arguing at the top of the stairs. I saw a dodgy looking guy as I walked down, so I decided to turn and go back. He stopped me and asked why I’d presumed he was dodgy. I tried to blame it on the arguing people and said I’d be scared of anyone in this area. He seemed offended so I apologised and carried on back down into the station.

When I got there, another dodgy looking guy approached. Again I went to go in a different direction and he stopped me. He said I should stand up to people if I was scared of them. He pulled out two long plastic rulers and handed one to me. We fenced with them a little and I got him 3 times. He didn’t get me at all.

We then dropped the rulers and he said to fight. I did a roundhouse kick and something else which knocked him to the floor. To the right of me, the door to the toilets opened and my karate instructor came out. He’d seen my attack and was impressed. He called his friend out of the toilets and asked me to do it again to show him, which I did.

I then carried on into the train station and waited for Mike and the girl.

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