Games and Bricks

Had a dream the other night. I made some notes when I woke up, but I forgot to write it up on the day, so I’m going to try and remember it the best I can.

It started out at college as Goodwin and I were going into class. At the door was Miss. Houghton (our old IT teacher) who had a black eye and was not looking very happy at all. She looked very mad, like we’d somehow given her the black eye. We carried on into the class and found out it was toy day! Everyone had brought in board games, which pleased me because I like board games. One game interested me in particular, which was the Creative Astro board game. That’s right, someone had made a board game for our company! We had a game – I can’t remember anything of the game now – and some more people came to join in the fun. After a while, Goodwin got bored of the board games and started drinking shots.

After college, we headed back home via a field. On the way we saw ‘Homer’ trying to trap a bear. The only Homer I can think of that I’d likely dream about is Homer Simpson, which makes the plot have less sense somehow. He’d dug a big hole in the ground and covered it with leaves. He explained to us “Since bears can lift three times their weight, the hole needs to be three times as big.” The trap didn’t work, but a superhero (I didn’t note down which one) came and helped us trap the bear. As we carried on walking through the woods, we also saw some Star Wars characters running through the trees, including some Jedi.

When we got home, Gush was outside my house. One of our neighbours was hitting him. Inside, Roger (my real life karate instructor) told me that people really underestimate Gush, who is actually very clever. He once tried to decode some government software. He didn’t succeed, but he tried. Mother saw Gush being beaten up, so she had a go at my brother, Lee, and his friends for not helping. So Lee and his friends went out to help Gush by throwing bricks at his attacker.

And that was pretty much it.

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