Gimme Some Dreamin’

Had a dream last night where I was working in an office with my old colleagues from Security Media – mainly a girl called Kirsty and the boss, Philip – and my Laura from my current job. I was working on a design for something when Laura came in. She saw I was sitting at her desk, so she just pulled my chair away and I fell on the floor. I moved back to my desk, which was actually the end of Phillip’s desk.

Philip looked at my work and started questioning my font choices. I told him I hadn’t finished and that was just placeholder for now while I worked on the body copy, which it was. He kept picking things out and in the end I told him to leave me until I was finished.

He was playing some music through the speakers connected to his laptop, but it was quite quiet and I wanted to listen to my own music, so I put my headphones in. However, every time I played the music, it came out through his speakers. I kept checking my headphones and the connections on my laptop, but there was no plausible explanation. While I was checking though, Kirsty and Laura were smiling and dancing along to Gimme Some Lovin’, which I was playing from my laptop. Philip said to just leave it playing, but I was insistent that I needed to find out how it was happening. I never did though, because I woke up.

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