Half a writer

I had a dream last night that was all about the newspaper industry and how media is all linked to people’s lives. It started off with a young boy writing the news. Then it showed people reading the news and how it affected their lives and, in particular, their spending habits. Finally, it showed how big companies were affected by their spending, with sales growth charts and some companies closing down.

There was then a newspaper article about a 24 year old who’d wasted his life working as a coffee maker. The narrator then said, “Yes, that’s me. Part time. Half a writer.” The man was me.

Then it showed me presenting other ways they could advertise and spread the news. These included:

– Training cats to deliver newspapers
– A leaflet campaign lead by rats
– Telling the news while taming lions (it showed him with a real whip but “You have to imagine the lion.”)

After this presentation, I left the office and became a foley artist for a new Shaun the Sheep film. I used lots of meringue because that apparently makes a good noise.

I then went for food at a restaurant where I met an old couple and some of my family. The format of the restaurant was ‘you can choose 11 dishes or 18 dishes and have a bit of each.’ Mother asked for a vegan menu while I had ham, steak and red cabbage. We waited for the food at a table outside by a bus stop. I drank a whole J20 in one go.

While we were waiting, we noticed an old woman putting a picture frame up on a wall and a man sweeping the floor outside. Mother went into the kitchen and found out there was nobody cooking. We went and sat inside and waited some more.

There was a TV in the restaurant that I watched a game show on. There was a man screaming at the host, shouting that he knew the answer. There was then an advert advertising my mole and another ad about ‘lobbing pain.’

I then saw a girl called Emily – a YouTuber I follow – sitting on a table nearby, so I went over and showed her some of my poems. She seemed to like them.

Eventually the food came and we ate it. Then I woke up.

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