Harley and the Wizards

Had a dream last night which started in the last place I’d be seen: a nightclub. I got talking to a girl who was cosplaying as Harley Quinn. After a while I left, but she followed me out. She then dragged me around town being crazy and shouting at people. That was fun.

I eventually said I had to go and she put her number in my phone. I went off to call a taxi, but I couldn’t find a good enough spot to be picked up from. I went to check my phone, but a video of the Harley Quinn girl popped up. It was just her laughing at me.

I went inside a building and saw loads of people from Harry Potter. There were wizards teaching people how to avoid Voldemort. I had a look around and went to leave. On the way down, I saw the Harley Quinn girl, so I hid behind a wizard. When she’d gone, I left. On the way out, I saw a bouncer who was singing a Frankie Valli song, I Can’t Live A Dream, and another girl dressed as Harley Quinn.

I got on a train and sat opposite a boy who was trying to sing Grease but couldn’t remember the words. I couldn’t decide whether that was a good thing or not.

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