Have you ever seen a la-la?

I was in a Wetherspoon pub with my family and Simon (a friend from college). They’d completely changed the menu, with the main focus of it being a ‘pick n mix’ steak section, where you could pick your steak, sauce, sides and garnish. I had a look through the menu, trying to find a ham and cheese toastie that I usually had, but it wasn’t on there. Mother was going up to order, so I asked her to see if they still did cheese and ham toastie and if they didn’t then I’d have a jacket potato.

She left me with Lee and Simon, with Grandad and two gay blokes down the other end of the table. After a while, two old guys game and sat at our table in the middle. We didn’t say anything, Lee and I just muttered to each other. We saw that they’d started speaking to Grandad and the other guys and were getting on well, so we left them to it. At some point, there was a girl sitting next to Simon. She had a black cardigan on with long sleeves. Simon was holding her sleeve, but she was busy talking to someone else, so I’m not sure if Simon and the girl were together.

After we’d finished the meal, we went and sat in a lounge area. Another girl had also joined us. The old men and my family left, and straight after a girl came out of the toilet and over to where we were sitting. She had bright orange hair and was wearing a silver dress, so she looked like a character from some low budget sci-fi movie. She immediately recognised me, rushed over and hugged me. I apologised and said I didn’t remember her.

She explained we’d been at a party recently and played a game where I ended up saying I’d go on a date with her. She said this could be when we ‘sit and chat’, so I said yes. However, she wanted to test me first, so she asked me a load of questions and I gave silly answers to try and make them laugh. The only one I remember was very contrived. She was asking about my mental health using a made-up term for psychiatrist:

“Have you ever seen a la-la”
“Yeah, I’ve watched Tellytubbies.”

In the dream, they laughed and it seemed funny. Now it just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, that continued on for a bit and I woke up before we got to the actual date part. Typical.

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