Hey There DPD (parody)

I’ve had a nightmare few days thanks to DPD.

I upgraded my iPhone over the phone the other day and they said they’d send it out via post. I got a text from them saying it would be delivered Friday, so I worked from home that day. Then on Friday I got a text saying it had been ‘upgraded’ and would be delivered Saturday between 8am and 5pm. So I stayed in Saturday and by 7pm it still wasn’t delivered. Called up and a robot told me it had been rescheduled for Monday.

Rather than work from home again, I went online and rearranged it to be delivered to Halfords up the road (they have a DPD delivery thing there). I got a confirmation it would be there Monday, but I got a text on the Monday morning saying it’d be delivered there tomorrow.

Then I get a card through my door saying they tried to delivered the parcel to my home on the Monday and nobody was in!¬†After that I got another text saying “We couldn’t deliver your parcel as no one was in, rearrange your delivery online”

So I didn’t know what was going on. What had happened to the Halfords plan? I tried calling them but the only number they have goes through a robot telling me it’s going to be redelivered (no idea where) on Tuesday.

I called O2 and this idiot insisted that I’d bought the phone in store and couldn’t understand why I was having something delivered. I told him several times I’d ordered it over the phone and he still kept asking which store I’d bought it from. Someone must have put my order details in wrong on the system. But he kept saying “I understand” so I flipped and rather aggressively told him “You don’t understand though, because you still keep asking me the same bloody question!”

That seemed to sort him out, because he then called DPD and they said they will definitely deliver it Tuesday to my home address.

Guess what… they didn’t! I called up O2 and said I wanted to cancel it and I’d go into store and pick one up. They said they’d speak to DPD, which they did, and told me that it was definitely going to be delivered to Halfords on the Wednesday. I said I’d give them one last chance and fortunately it was there on the Wednesday, so I got my phone in the end.

The most annoying thing is, when the O2 guy called me, I told him I’d rather do it in store and he insisted this would be quicker and save me a bit of money.

I then got a text off DPD asking me to give feedback on the service I received.

This was what I sent them:

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