The Home Alone Guy

Had a dream last night where I was out in town walking around with Mike and Goodwin. At one point, we saw the Home Alone guy – Harry Lime played by Joe Pesci, but we just kept referring to him as ‘the Home Alone guy’ – and he started chasing us. We found a place to hide, but Goodwin made a noise and he found us. Then Goodwin hit him. We ran off again and split up. I hid behind a bush and then, when the coast was clear, went into a random house to get help. There were two children in the house. The youngest had 4 files (that’s what I wrote, like nail files I guess) that he started scraping my skin off with. I took them off him and stole a knife from the kitchen. I then left to find the Home Alone guy, but the ‘camera’ stayed on the two kids who just sat and watched TV until the dream ended.

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