The Homeless Boy

As I was returning home, I saw a boy sitting outside. I think he was homeless, or an orphan, or both. Anyway, I sat and talked with him for a while and we became friends. I brought him into the house and offered him a change of clothes, because he’d been in the ones he was wearing for months and they smelt…. ¬†smelt bad! He changed into some of my old clothes and had some food, but then I heard mother coming into the house. So I quickly told the kid to pretend that he was a songwriter and we’d met at a gig. Apparently mother didn’t like me mixing with homeless kids. So mother came in and asked who the boy was. The boy replied “I’m a songwriter and I met this guy at a gig… I can’t remember which one so don’t bother asking.” Needless to say mother thought he was strange so he must have been a friend of mine.

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