Had a weird dream last night. Mike and I were staying in a hotel (at the same time I was also doing work in school, but I’ll ignore that bit) for a conference of some sort. And we met these 2 girls. One dressed in pink who fancied me, and one in purple who fancied Mike.

But the thing was, they were madly in love with us and we didn’t like them for some reason. So most of the dream was us hiding from them in bathrooms, bedroom and rooms which were neither bathrooms nor bedrooms.

At one point I was on my own and hid behind a wall in the kids play area, but the girl who fancied Mike found me and dragged me away to her friend. The girl in pink then started unpacking, and she had 2 of everything. But she’d forgotten something, so I said I had 2 of them and she passed me my bag, which I grabbed and ran.

So I was running up the stairs and Mike’s girl in purple followed me. And there was a big crowd on the stairs so I was trapped. So I turned round to shout at her to leave us alone and accidentally whacked her with my bag, sending her tumbling down the stairs and everyone on the stairs blaming me for her death.

And then I woke up.

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