It’s coming home

In last night’s dream, I’d been sent to a football match to take photos for work. It was England vs Croatia (which is happening today in real life). I got there early, so I went for a drink in a bar upstairs. As I was sitting sipping my drink, a girl with short hair and piercings in her lip and ear.

It turned out she was there to take photos too. I mentioned her camera and tried to strike up a conversation. She was reluctant at first, but we got chatting and found out we had a fair bit in common, so we got on well.

Outside, the game was starting. The ref and an England player were standing on the pitch, ready to toss a coin to see which team would start the game first. I don’t think that’s how it works in real life, but still, my lack of football knowledge is evident. The ref flipped the coin, but instead of catching it he just let it drop on the grass. The player called out tails and the ref half-heartedly looked down and announced that it was tails.

Back in the bar, a young girl came in and told us the game had started.

“Shall we?” I asked my fellow photographer, gesturing to our cameras. We got our stuff together and I saw she had an old plastic carrier bag from a record store. She pointed out a bit on the bag advertising a limited edition R.E.M. vinyl record and I said I remembered when the bag was released and me wanting to get the record.

We headed out of the bar, but I said I wanted to stop off at the shop to get a snack. She said she would wait for me outside the shop. Clearly we liked each other in the dream, as we were supposed to be photographing the game, but we were more interested in spending time with each other. I went into the shop and picked a chocolate bar. It took a while for me to get around the shop and pay for my chocolate, as there were a lot of old Chinese people in the shop too walking very slowly.

I left the shop and she was still there. I was quite surprised she’d stayed, so I thanked her and we both went out to photograph the game.

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