Jackie Chan’s flexible arms

I was in school and it was the last day, so we were all getting ready to leave. I spoke to a Polish girl who was a bit taller than me. She said she liked me she I said I liked her too but I’d been too shy to tell her. We lamented about a love that could’ve been.

Later I was in a shopping centre, inside a shop looking at some clothes with a few friends. We were told a man was going to meet us and teach us self defence. They pointed to the man outside and I went out to meet him. I told him I did karate, so I knew some stuff already.

We went to a karate dojo and waited around for the class to start. I got talking to Will Smith’s son Jayden who was doing the self defence class. I told him I knew karate and he tested me with a few kicks, which I easily caught.

I then noticed someone was with Jackie Chan. They were bending his arm back as much as it would go. They then let it go and got on top of him, smothering his face until he turned purple. He got up and was okay. Someone asked if he was alright and he said “Try roshu now” which was the arm bending. They bent it back and he pushed it further, so much so that he was able to twist it back and do a full 360° rotation so that there was a loop in his arm.

He showed my karate instructor, Roger, who casually said “Yeah, good, impressive.” Jackie was disappointed by the response. He then sat down and Roger presented him with a wooden tanto (knife) and a board that had several metal signs attached. Wording on them had been engraved by pressing metal blocks into them. They were in Japanese, but there were also two wooden ones in English. Jackie was very touched by this gift.

There was also a short bit in the dream when I looked in my wardrobe for my own wooden tanto, which I’ve lost in real life. I found a long one and one half the size, then I found the original.

Later in the dream I was on my way to secondary school and decided to go via the Lower Site building (there used to be two different buildings for earlier and later year students, but they changed it to just one). The building was abandoned and looked nothing like it did in real life. It was a very tall building with lots of blocks.

It was dimly lit as walked through it. The hall was decorated with giant objects. The ceiling had massive books painted on, whilst the one wall was one huge notice board with giant white pins in.

I went to the IT classroom and found a computer still working. When I switched it on, the room burst to life, with other people using the other computers. I wasn’t sure if they were real or ghosts. I shouted “Bap!” And they seemed to hear me but not take much notice. I logged into my account and found the results of a test I’d taken to determine which jobs I would be good for. I also found a screenshot of a character I’d created – a cat woman in a parking attendant outfit – which I emailed to myself to show Mike.